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MongoDB Training: MongoDB for Developers (Python)

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昨晚提交了MongoDB University的培训课程 M101P: MongoDB for Developers (Python) 的最后一次测试,这历时七周的课程告一段落。这个课程虽然是属于入门级,但是它覆盖了MongoDB各个方面,有不错的课程结构。短时间内,可以让开发者掌握和MongoDB有关的日常开发中所需要掌握的大部分知识和技能。


  • Introduction and Overview

  • CRUD: Creating, Reading and Updating Data
    • Mongo shell
    • Find, Insert, Update, Delete
    • Query operators, update operators
  • Schema Design
    • Live without constraints or transactions
    • One to one relations, one to many relations, many to many relations
    • Embedding, handle blobs
  • Performance
    • Indexes
    • Explain and profiling
  • Aggregation Framework
    • Aggregation pipeline
    • Aggregation expressions: sum, avg, addToSet, push, max, min, group, project, match, text, sort, limit, skip, unwind, etc.
  • Application Engineering
    • Write consistency
    • Replication, create a replica set
    • Failover and rollback
    • Sharding
  • Case Studies
    • Interview with MongoDB users from Facebook and Codecademy
    • Discuss MongoDB usages in real life projects

我在课程期间的笔记和练习都保存在GitHub Repository - euccas/MongoDB-for-Developers-M101P

如果是偏重于Web开发,可以参加另一个培训课程: M101JS: MongoDB for Node.js Developers. M101JS课程和M101P有类似的结构,区别在于开发语言从Python变为Node.js.