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Learn Golang - a Mind Map

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Earlier this year I started to learn Golang. There were three good reasons why I wanted to learn this programming language.

  1. For work: Some of the projects my team have worked on, or planned to work on, use Golang to improve applications’ performance.
  2. For better understanding cloud infrastructure: Some of the key cloud infrastructure open source projects, including Kubernetes and Docker, are written in Golang.
  3. For using it to easily create multithreaded and concurrent programs.

One thing I did when learning Golang was creating a mind mapping diagram. The mind map helps me to organize the different topics of Golang that I need to learn about, and to dig into each part without getting lost in too many details. It also makes it much easier to remember information.

If you are also learning Golang, you can take a look at the Golang mind map here on my github. It mainly covers Golang syntax, flow control, data structures, methods, functions, interfaces and basic concurrency. One thing it doesn’t have yet is Go Modules, which was added in Go 1.11 (released in August 2018). As Go dev team announced, current module support is priliminary. In Go 1.12, scheduled for February 2019, they will refine module support. I will update this mind map to add Go Modules then.

Lastly, 2019 is around the corner. Happy New Year!