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Abstract: The Art of Design

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A few years ago, I watched the documentary series ā€œAbstract: the Art of Designā€ when it was originally released on Netflix. This documentary is composed of stories about designers in a variety of displines: Their work, how they create them and how they think about design. This series is very well produced, I enjoyed it and still find it inspiring even after years. So here Iā€™d like to write down some notes about it for myself, and for anyone else who might be interested in this documentary.

What this documentary is about

This documentary has two seasons. In total it has fourteen episodes and each one of them introduces one designer in a different fields, for example graphic design, footware design, architecture, automotive, digital product, and more. I feel each episode is made in a way that is customized to the designer: it tells their stories, shows their work and speaks their minds in a particular way they choose. You can watch the official trailer here to get a feeling about it, and on this wiki you can find more information about the designers get highlighted in each episode.

What I like about it

Many things I like about it, to describe it in a few short words: creative, insightful, thoughful, and encouraging.

Where you can watch it

Netflix has put this series on Youtube so you can watch it for free now.